We have a vision of the world or of reality depending on the angle of view we have. “One person’s misfortune is another person’s happiness,” as someone else would say.
    Happiness has no universal definition. Since our lives are
    incomparable, everyone creates their little corner of paradise in their own way and sometimes in situations that are simply impossible to live with. This drawing is a metaphor for a sad reality experienced by many children all over the world. These innocent beings who are forced to make do with a life they do not have
    chosen, incapable of separating evil from good, the unjust from the just.

    I am talking especially about these children living in precariousness, forced to
    normalize an unbearable situation simply because they have known nothing
    else. It’s true that it’s difficult to dream of paradise when you have it.
    no preview and that

    The last one seems unattainable. However, no matter what situation we
    crosses, we end up finding our share of happiness there, of course because we
    has no other choice.

    This work is a thought of these children who have experienced the worst and who have
    makes their daily reality. These children from Kivu or elsewhere who grew up
    in the sockets and who made them into chains, jewelry or toys.

    Pencil on paper
    150 cm – 100 cm