The African is, starting from his situation, eager to imagine a
    Africa different and better than the one he has always known, and
    logically we can understand that his story is the cause. Several
    occasions, I looked at this Africa which unfortunately believed to be incapable
    to evolve without external help. Which is normal except when she becomes dependent on it.
    I am one of those who believe that dreaming of a better Africa is the most natural
    wishes. But all that remains is to fight and work so that this
    dream comes true is the most important. My wish for African youth
    is to see the latter work hard for her dream, to build Africa
    with her own hands, relying only on herself for an ideal Africa. I want to see an Africa where each young person contributes according to their abilities or skills in order to build their own dream land.

    Pencil on paper
    85 cm – 65 cm